The Pawcet’s inventor Tony Lytle, in conjunction with Quirky and Viatek, created a unique and convenient method to solve the issue of fresh drinking water availability for our four-legged friends. The idea for the Pawcet doggie fountain was inspired by Tony’s daughter, Ginnie Marie, who was looking for a solution that provided her own dog with fresh water while away at work and school. We all know the ever-present issue of water availability and cleanliness for pets, especially on hot days. Now with the Pawcet, worry about a fresh water source is eliminated.

Each year thousands of pets suffer needlessly outdoors. While owners may have good intentions of providing their pets with a large water supply, traditional bowls can be prone to evaporate or collect debris. Diseases such as parvovirus and canine influenza can be spread through unhygienic conditions, including stagnant water. Furthermore, dehydration can lead to a host of health problems like organ failure, confusion, overall declining health, or worse. Plus, multiple pets sharing a water bowl or a warmer climate, raises the risk of dehydration. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures outside can have the same effect as leaving a pet inside a hot car. By providing a cool, clean water supply you can alleviate the needless suffering and rest assured hydration is covered.

The Pawcet’s unique design address our pet’s need for fresh water in a timely manner. By simply connecting it to a water hose, you can provide your pets with refreshment and entertainment around the clock. There are no batteries, electricity, or filters, which make this low maintenance, economical fountain perfect for anyone. Cleaning consists of disconnecting and whipping it down. Most pets learn to use the fountain within a day by simply stepping on the paddle, also stimulating their puzzle solving instinct, so the fresh water flows until they are finished drinking and step off. No more worrying about water cleanliness!