Doesn't Get Better Than This

Would YOU drink from your pets water supply?

Now you like it too!

NO more slime, mold, bacteria, bugs, dirt, leaves, straw, grass clippings, worms, bird poop or other debris in your pets water supply.

Pets learn to use the Pawcet really fast.

This is just after 45 minutes of training with this Beautiful Boxer

Cool, Clean, Fresh Water!

You simply train your pet to step on the paddle for cool, clean, fresh water!

No bowls to clean or fill...Ever

No empty or knocked over water bowl.

NO Batteries

NO Electrical cords

NO Filters to buy or change

All In The Family

This is my daughter's dog.

My daughter is the reason for me inventing the doggie fountain/Pawcet. She almost lost her dog to heat stroke/dehydration.

Her pet had a bad habit of knocking his water bowl over. He did that on a 102 degree day while my daughter was at school / work. She just happened to check in on him after school and before going to her part time job. He, again, had knocked over his water bowl and was all but dead.

She was able to get him hydrated and cooled off.

That's when she asked me if I had any idea on how to keep him hydrated/watered. The rest is history.

6 Week Old Husky Pup Training

Quirky wanted me to show what and how a training session might go. I borrowed this Husky puppy from an Amish girl that bred these dogs.

I no sooner got this pup home and set her on the paddle and she was about 90% just 5 minutes.

Local TV Segment by Fox 55

Earlier this year, Mach 26, 2018, a local tv station, Fox 55, was Gracious enough to do a segment on me and my doggie fountain/Pawcet.

Thanks Andrew Logston and Fox 55 Fort Wayne

pawcet dog water fountain doggie water fountain Pawcet

Pawcet is an outdoor fountain designed to provide fresh, clean water for your dog. To use, connect it to any standard garden hose and turn on the water supply. Your pet will be able to activate Pawcet's water flow by pressing the pedal with a paw.

The Pawcet’s inventor, Tony Lytle, in conjunction with Quirky and Viatek, created a unique and convenient method to solve the issue of fresh drinking water availability for our four-legged friends. The idea for the Pawcet doggie fountain was inspired by Tony’s daughter, Ginnie Marie, who was looking for a solution that provided her own dog with fresh water while away at work and school. We all know the ever-present issue of water availability and cleanliness for pets, especially on hot days. Now with the Pawcet, worry about a fresh water source is eliminated.

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